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goopgirl and her worm visit the aquarium 2019

they are having so much fun :3

"I Dont Want To Go" 2019

she died in a pole vaulting accident

mushroom girls 2019

some holiday mail and adventures in amsterdam

keep your friends close 2019

melted buddy 2019

he doesnt look too good right now...

bright idea 2019

look its glowing

meet my friend 2019

you wouldn't know him he goes to another school.

snow buddy 2019

winning entry for an art contest, subject "cursed creatures"

guttercake 2018

early digital painting attempt.

happy2pee 2022

happy hardcore party fun dance rave.

supper 2018

eat it all.

political process 2019

i don't know who gave her the gun... or the sweater... im not sure what her goal is.

mornyan 2022

weed smoking catgirl who lives in montreal.

owee 2019

rollerblading accident