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Hard surface design and illustration. machinery, mecha and more.

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Unnamed Combat Robot 2019

Machine of war. equiped with the latest in encrypted communications hardware, floodlights, IR and 3d scanning optics, a back compartment for storing spare drum magazines. It has taken some damage and has a temporary arm fitted.

Mecha Bunny Girl UFO attack defender 2021

Concept of a character design for a small project where u fight against UFOs invading earth. Experimental liquid crystal exosuit. Rear Jets can reach altitudes of up to 2000 feet.

Monorail Freight Concept 2019

Design for a freight transport monorail powered by a small nuclear reactor.

Untitled Mech Designs 2022

Some Eva inspiration in the headshape. Idea was to make them very mechanical and industrial. Alot of mecha design now feels really smooth and clean like they are built buy mercedes, I like to keep some level of realism and functionality wether practical or not.

Untitled Mech Sketch 2 Combat 2022

ACtion poses.